1. past tense - drove; verb
1) (to control or guide (a car etc): Do you want to drive (the car), or shall I?) kjøre (bil)
2) (to take, bring etc in a car: My mother is driving me to the airport.) kjøre
3) (to force or urge along: Two men and a dog were driving a herd of cattle across the road.) drive, jage
4) (to hit hard: He drove a nail into the door; He drove a golf-ball from the tee.) slå, drive ned, smelle til
5) (to cause to work by providing the necessary power: This mill is driven by water.) drive(s)
2. noun
1) (a journey in a car, especially for pleasure: We decided to go for a drive.) kjøretur
2) (a private road leading from a gate to a house etc: The drive is lined with trees.) inn-/oppkjørsel
3) (energy and enthusiasm: I think he has the drive needed for this job.) handlekraft, pågangsmot, driv
4) (a special effort: We're having a drive to save electricity.) kampanje, framstøt
5) (in sport, a hard stroke (with a golf-club, a cricket bat etc).) drive, slag
6) ((computers) a disk drive.) diskettstasjon; drev
- driver's license
- drive-in
- drive-through
- driving licence
- be driving at
- drive off
- drive on
subst. \/draɪv\/
1) kjøretur, biltur, reise, kjøring
2) kjørevei, oppkjørsel, innkjørsel
Crescent Drive
3) (teknikk) drift, kraftoverføring, trekk, styring (bil)
electric drive
four-wheel drive
left-hand drive
4) (sport) drive, kraftig slag, utslag (golf)
5) energi, drivkraft, initiativ, pågangsmot, handlekraft
plenty of drive
6) kampanje, fremstøt, satsing, kraftanstrengelse, kraftig offensiv
7) (i arbeid) hardt press, travelhet
a drive of business
8) (kortspill) parti, omgang
9) (amer., fotball) angrepsserie
10) retning, tendens, hensikt, formål
11) (amer. også) spydighet
12) (psykologi) drift
13) (jakt) drivjakt
14) (fe)drift
15) (amer.) tømmerfløting
go for\/take a drive ta seg en kjøretur
whist drive (kortspill) whistturnering
verb (drove - driven) \/draɪv\/
1) drive(s), drive(s) frem
drive ashore
drive i land
the machine is driven by steam
maskinen er\/blir drevet med damp
2) jage, drive
drive cattle
3) trenge, tvinge, presse
he was driven into a corner
han ble trengt inn i et hjørne
4) piske, slå
the rain was driving in our faces
regnet pisket\/slo oss i ansiktet
5) (jakt) drive, gjennomsøke
drive the birds towards the guns
drive the woods for game
6) kjøre, bile, fare, reise
drive a car to the station
7) gi skyss, skysse
8) drive på, presse, (over)anstrenge seg
he was hard driven
han var ganske kjørt
9) (sport) slå (en ball)
10) (golf også) slå med en driver, slå en drive
he drove long
11) slå (inn), drive ned, ramme ned
drive a nail into the wall
drive a pile
12) bore, grave
drive a tunnel
drive a well
13) (be)drive, få i stand, gjennomføre
he is driving a roaring trade
han gjør glimrende forretninger
14) utsette
she drove it to the last minute
hun utsatte det til siste øyeblikk
15) komme farende, komme styrtende
16) gå, gå inn, trenge inn
it wouldn't drive any further
den gikk ikke lenger inn
the harpoon drove deep
harpunen trengte dypt inn
drive a good bargain få i stand en god handel
drive a hard bargain sebargain, 1
drive at sikte til, sikte på, gjelde, mene
what are you driving at?
hva mener du med det?\/hva sikter du til?
(også let drive at) sikte mot, gå løs på, angripe
drive away at (hverdagslig) fortsette (med)
drive four-in-hand kjøre med firspann
drive (in)to presse til, tvinge til
drive logs (spesielt amer.) fløte tømmer
drive on! kjør videre! , fortsett!
drive one's own car ha egen bil, holde seg med egen bil
drive out (også) fordrive, drive ut
drive somebody out of his\/her senses eller drive somebody mad\/crazy\/frantic gjøre noen gal, drive noen til vanvidd
drive something home slå fast noe, overbevise
drive up (om bil) kjøre frem
drive up to the door
it's enough to drive one mad man kunne bli gal av mindre, det er til å bli gal av

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